About Us

August Nied and his wife Margaret Ziegler Nied were born in Germany and came to this country in the late 1880's. They came to Swissvale in 1908, and started a grocery and meat market on Roslyn Street.

Joseph Nied Their third child operated a coalmine during World War 1 on the hill where Woodland Hills West is currently located. Several years later he attended the Eckles School of Mortuary in Philadelphia in 1920. When licensed he hung a sign in a real estate office reading "Joe Nied - Undertaker" in 1922. Two years later he moved into his father's building on Roslyn Street. The building was a five- room apartment. When there was a funeral he used the living room and when there were two funerals he used the dining room as well as the living room. However it was not much used because most funerals were held in the family's homes. In 1933 the funeral home on Washington Street was built. It was the first funeral home built from the ground up in the tri-state area. The bank of Swissvale told Joe Nied he would lend him the money, but that it was a waste since most people were laid out at home. Joe told him in not too many years it would not be large enough and it was true because it has been enlarged three times.

Joe Nied's oldest son Joseph Nied Jr. had a funeral home in Wilkinsburg on the corners of Rebecca and Swissvale Avenues. Joe Jr. died of a heart attack in the Braddock Catholic Cemetery at the age of 36. His wife sold the business several years later.

Thomas L. Nied received his license in 1948 and worked with his father until Joe's death in 1962. Tom's sons Charles and Peter Nied currently run the funeral home. 1997 marked the 75th year that the Nied funeral home has served the Swissvale area. The tradition is three generations long. Tom Nied retired in 1993, but continued to be visible and oversee a lot of the business until his death in October 2000. Before his death, Tom was able to see his father's business expand, when Peter and Charlie purchased the John L. Bash Funeral Home in Delmont, PA. The funeral home was purchased in January of 1999. The name of the funeral home changed in June of 2001 and became the Bash-Nied Funeral Home, a branch of the Thomas L. Nied Funeral Home, Inc.

Delmont History

For a small town, Delmont has always had an adequate number of funeral homes or funeral directors. During the 1800's it had three "undertakers" as they were known at that time. In the 1900's it had two, Leroy Goanell, who later moved his business to Latrobe and A. Barrett Earnest whose father, A. A. Earnest, had a funeral home in Export.

In 1936, Foster A. Bash, an Avonmore resident, opened a funeral home on West Pittsburgh Street, Delmont. Lysle P. Bash was a non-licensed employee of that funeral home. In 1937, Foster Bash rented a house at 110 Manor Street, a more convenient location, and moved his business there. In 1941 the owner of the house returned from Kansas, wanted his house, and the funeral home was moved back to the West Pittsburgh location. After suffering a brain tumor, Foster Bash died in 1943 and the funeral home was closed, leaving only the Earnest home in Delmont. In the early 50's, upon the death of his father, Barrett Earnest closed his funeral home and moved his license to the Export funeral home.

In November 1949, Lysle P. Bash opened his funeral home at 123 Freeport Street. In 1956 he purchased a property and moved the business to 152 Abbe Place, the current location of the Bash-Nied Funeral Home. A year after purchasing the property in 1956 a two-story addition was added to the front of the building, which gave additional viewing area and a casket display room. In 1971 two additional viewing rooms, new rest rooms, flower room, arrangement room, offices, preparation room and heater room were added. Lysle owned and operated the funeral home until 1985 when the business was sold to his son John L. Bash. Additional improvements; new rest rooms, smoking room, enlarging of a viewing room, new heating and air conditioning, second floor was removed a new roof was constructed over the entire building in 1997-98.

John Bash owned and operated the business from 1985 until 2000 when it was purchased by Charles and Peter Nied, owners of the Nied Funeral Home in Swissvale. The business is now operated as the Bash-Nied Funeral Home. After Nied's purchased the funeral home, extensive decorating and furnishing of the interior was made as well as landscaping of the exterior.